Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Summertime Update

This Summer has been nonstop physically and emotionally. This is a long update so here it goes...

1. Rockbridge was really great. I got to spend some time with girls that are younger and I am really glad I chose to do this because I learned so much from our talks and time together. Some people are such blessings in my life and it saddens me that I only have one more year with them.

2. My internship is quite amazing. So far I have gotten to be on screen, film, set up scenes, and meet some really awesome people! Our website is (if you go under the keep watching tab as of right now one of my spots is the first link). This is internship has been truly a blessing with all i've had going on at home God certainly knew what he was doing by placing me here.

3. Anna C. is now Anna S!!!! Her wedding was so beautiful and yet very stressful. The electricity in the whole area of the county went out right as her mom was about to be seated (it was a perfectly sunny day). But the ceremony felt so intimate and special that I think she secretly didn't hate it now. On that note all of her pre wedding festivities: bachelorette party, helping her with stuff for the wedding, pre wedding tan time was so so special to me. For some reason I was especially sentimental for this one and I really pray God blesses her and Kev's relationship!

4. I had a physical (eww) which led my doctor to recommend I go see a nephrologist at Duke. Let me tell you I do not think I have ever prayed and relied on God as much as I did the week before my appointment. The day before Harrison and I prayed quite a few times together for God to heal my body and keep me safe the next day. Praise God everything is ok for right now, but int he future I may have to have more tests done so please keep me in your prayers.

5. Anna G. has decided that instead of 2013 to get married she wants to get married this year on July 9...oh and she decided this like the beginning of June. Needless to say this has been a whirlwind month trying to keep her happy and help her out as much as possible.

6. My time with my family has been so amazing. I have gotten to spend a lot of time with my parents which has been such a blessing. No one gets you quite like your parents no matter how old you are. My memaw has also been a person I have been happy to be around. She is so witty and I am so blessed to have a 76 year old grandmother in the shape she is in.

7. I have obviously enjoyed getting to spend time with Harrison almost everyday. I do not think people that date someone that goes to their school understand how truly lucky they are to get to see their significant other everyday, and how complaining about not seeing them over the weekend can be pretty annoying for people that don't get to see them everyday. (5 out of 7 is pretty good don't you think? I do). But really I think Harrison and I have grown together so much with going to church together and to Warehouse on Saturday nights. We've gotten to have one on one talks that I will cherish forever. I am truly loved by a man so deeply that it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

8. I'm reading the book Radical by David Platt...more to come once i'm finished....

SO that's all so far!

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